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Papirbredden – a unique environment of knowledge offering University College education, R&D activities, Library, knowledge-based companies and innovation partners.

A centre for knowledge comprising a unique library, institutions offering numerous fields of study, career centre, research facilities, entrepreneurs….

In January of 2007 we opened our doors and welcomed students, library-users and everyone else who just wanted to visit the new centre of knowledge in Drammen. All through the planning and designing of Papirbredden, the main focus has been on the users of the facilities.

The-state-of-the-art library covers three floors, all with easy access. The Library offers everything from children’s books, literature of all kinds to the latest research databases.
To give users the broadest possible range of library services, three libraries have joined forces: The City Library of Drammen, The County Library of Buskerud County and Buskerud College Library.

The students can enjoy themselves in first-class practice-rooms, auditoriums and labs. Papirbredden comprises three different university colleges: Buskerud University College , BI Drammen – the Norwegian School of management and Telemark University College. In addition, the Papirbredden Career Centre is on the ground floor.

The top floor is the “Centre” for innovation and development. Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway have both settled in together with the newly established Papirbredden Innovation.
The users are at the centre of attention at Papirbredden, while Papirbredden itself is literally in the centre of the town. Whether you arrive by train, bus or choose to cross the
river on the new pedestrian bridge, Ypsilon, you will reach your destination in a few minutes.

Papirbredden is a building with many tenants, all working towards a common goal.
The tenants all have their own web-sites, you will find them when clicking on “leietakere” at the top of the page.



Grønland 58, 3045 Drammen


Papirbredden, Postboks 850, 3007 Drammen
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